Nutshells in review…


So, I have not really posted since the holidays. Typically, January is my month of hibernation. I have to steel myself against the coldest, harshest month in order to get through it. I have done that pretty successfully, I am happy to say. I have spent the month with family, cleaning up body and mind from holiday over indulgence,  feeling confident and overall, things are good.

Here’s the nutshell:

My boy john continues to be a loving, patient, devoted presence in my life. My boy has not had his leash tugged at very often, he has not had his ass violated, he has not been beaten or sexually used like I know he likes, and yet, he stays close to my side, always steadfast, nearly always agreeable. I cannot appreciate him enough for this. I know he is happy to see my kinky awakening now that adult child has headed back south.

My toy “t” continues to be a lovely presence in our world. He is the toy I found on Craigslist. He is a gem, and I am delighted to have him. He is devoted, eager, happy, curious, kind, and a damn good cook. I am thoroughly enjoying how he tends to Me. My john has been instrumental in helping train and mold ‘t’ to the things I like and how I like them. It is going quiet well. ‘t’ is thrilled to be a part of things even though things have not been all that exciting in January.

I am dealing with guilt around ‘p’, the other craigslist contender. I am the one who dropped the ball on this one. I think I lost some mojo around the whole thing because I know he is straight out with work and I don’t like the idea of taking him from that when I know how important it is to him. I am not a perfect dominant. I wrestle with feelings and guilts like any other person. I pretty much let ‘p’ slip away and I am not feeling great about that. It still feels unresolved to me. I am still thinking about it, thinking about him.

There has been a sexy and interesting development;

Someone has emerged in January who I have been writing with for months and months. Oh, I do like him!!! I do believe that I will be writing about adventures with him a fair amount. He is dominant, and he is an excellent candidate for many of the deviant things I am interested in seeing happen to my boy(s). I am going to leave it at that. We have gotten through the “meet and greets” and the negotiations. I think there is a lot of potential in this. I am excited. If you enjoy reading about m2m adventures, you should check in often. I smile.

I received an email recently from someone who I really enjoyed playing with but who disappeared a while back. He is a dominant and I met him about 8 years ago as an occasional play partner for myself during the times I am interested in bottoming. I liked him a lot, but he fell off the radar and I moved on. He has returned and I find this very interesting and rather exciting. I am not the same person I was then, and he seems very at peace with that, and with himself. We will see where it goes, but it brings me joy to see him back, and that is a good thing.

I need to go back and re-read older posts from December. I feel as though I have unfinished stories to tell from last month. I will do that. For now, I wanted to post a brief update of the happenings and not-so-happenings in the house of the exquisite dungeon.



Mistress’s workshop


Busy, busy, busy. That is what it comes down to. It’s simply a busy time of year, with little down time, little unscheduled time, and little reprieve from a much longer than usual “to do” list.

I have not had a chance to finish the “Date with stranger” post, but I will get it done.

I have not yet finished my Christmas prep, but I’ll get that done too.

And the wrapping?? That will get done tonight.

And THAT is something I am looking forward to.

I am having a few ladies over to do an appetizer, cocktail, wrapping gathering. I do believe that john and “t” will be the only males here.

They will be serving us, tending to us, catering to us, but in a very discreet way. John will be showing “t” how this is done. John has been trained over the years to provide service when the service needs to be invisible. This is not my favorite option, as if I had my way, both boys would be naked and wearing collars, but that can’t be the case. I want them to feel it in some way, though. The pull of a leash. It will be subtle tonight, but I want it felt. And, I want too for both of them to get their own wrapping done. This is meant to be productive and fun. But with purpose too, for I am working on gatherings of other events where they WILL be serving naked, and they WILL be wearing collars or cuffs in plain view. That will come later, and I think about that a lot.

But tonight, they will be my little elves, filling wine glasses that need filling, clearing away empty plates, keeping wrapping paper scraps picked up. It will hopefully be a fun night, an easy night, a productive night. And, “t” is recovering from a small medical procedure, so I don’t want him over taxed. Over taxing him can come later.

So, that’s it for today. Out of time, but very much in the holiday spirit of things.

Be merry, all. Until next time……


What’s a picture worth?


As full and wonderful as our kinky world so often is, I still find myself seeking opportunities that I can bring home in order to fold them  into our world.

To begin with, I am a “squirreler”. I tend to squirrel certain things, for certain reasons. This is a delicate thing for me, because I am also one who does not like clutter and mess. I like things organized and airy whenever possible. But I do know that I squirrel things at times. It would not be unusual to open one of my drawers and find 6 additional chap sticks, and a little zip lock of rubber bands than one could possibly use, because those things are not easily replaced or duplicated when needed.

Much like the harboring of things, I like to seek opportunities. I will often keep my eye on events, or people, or cruise through Craigslist in search of something that might catch my eye and imagination. I typically don’t have anything specific in mind when I do this, and in general, I am inherently a  cautious person. If possible, I watch unobserved. I will perve a profile on Fetlife that gets my attention, and many times, I will reach out when it seems right to do so.

Sometimes I am ignored, and sometimes I am not. It all depends.

And, there have been few times when I have placed an ad on Craigslist. I think I have done this around five times in ten years. The act of placing an ad is one of those things where I feel I need to roll up my sleeves and brace myself for the onslaught.

If you are a woman seeking something that has to do with anything remotely sounding like sex, you’re gonna get hammered, and that is just the way it is.

Throw a little dominance in there, and it’s practically a concert in your inbox.

I do not place pictures of myself in those ads, I do not make things sound sexy or vulgar or promising. If anything, I write an ad that says too little. I have learned that the more you write, the greater the chance of getting flagged.

Initially, it is easy to sort through the stuff I don’t want. I make it a point to reply to everyone who responds. I think that is only courteous, even if their reply says, “I’d luv to cum on your face with my manstick. Hit me up”. Those replies are the kind I like to fuck around with. I try and make myself sound like the Queen of England when I respond, damn near killing them with proper politeness. I usually never hear from them again, which is the entire point.

Next, I find out if they are long distance or married. If the answer to those questions is “yes”, then they get a polite wave goodbye too.

If they cannot spell and have such mistakes in their responses to my ad that it is obvious they did not proof read what they were writing to me, they do not make the cut.

If they are uninteresting, I am uninterested. It is that simple.

If I get a cock shot, I send back a “Thanks for writing, good luck with your search” and attach a picture of a flamingo and hit delete button.

And then, there is the rest. Some are perfectly fine, but don’t provide any crumbs that lead me along their path. I end up wandering away pretty quickly.

This leaves the last two percent. And in this, persistence can pay off.

If I get one or two emails in that two percent, and they can write, and they capture my attention, and they are interesting, polite and genuine?? Oh wow…’d better watch out. I’m interested.

If you can paint pictures with your words, you are an artist worth knowing.

This is what gets me, in a good way. I cannot describe it any more than that, other than to say it is a mix of being confident and humble; curious and stoic. Humorous and genuine.

If someone writes with me, and they get into my head, I like them. It is really that simple. An attraction and interest grows for me, and it takes perennial root. Get my mind hooked, and I am going to want to know you.

What often will kill the buzz for me is when someone ends up including a picture of themselves. Oh, I dislike when they do that. Please don’t send a picture unless I ask. If you have my attention, I don’t really care what you look like. I will determine if there is physical chemistry when we meet. And you will do the same about me. A picture ends up demystifying all that I have in my mind and imagination, and I like keeping those things exclusive.

Poor john….my john. He sent me a picture after we emailed for over a month, and I was disappointed when he did. And he is a very handsome man. I didn’t like the photo, and I didn’t like how he denied me part of the mystery. It all turned out fine in the end, of course, but I still tease him about that. And for gods sake…he was wearing a baseball hat in his photo….not a good luck for him! I smile.

I am going through that now. Trying to squirrel away a few opportunities for future use for john. And t. And maybe p. I am building on ideas. I am toying with possibilities. I am building cunning plans.

I like cunning plans. The pictures running through my head are half the fun.







ISO update

I’m still in the ‘getting to know you‘ phase of  things when it comes to new boy #1 and new boy #2. Things that I like include how into this kinky thing they both are. I like how different they are from one another. I like that one of them has some experience, and the other has none. He is my new toy to mold and shape. How lovely to be the brand new beginning for someone else.

I like the enthusiasm they both demonstrate. It’s not loud, they’re not shouting it from rooftops (that I know of, anyway) but they both admit to being happy. Excited. Hopeful.

‘Hopeful’ is something that applies to us all.

I found these two from Craigslist. I placed an ad, got a ton of replies, and these are the two that agreed to meet. It is so interesting to me that out of the nearly 100 replies I got seeking a male submissive, nearly all didn’t believe that the ad was real, or that I was real. What got ‘t’ and ‘p’ through my front door is that they took a chance that I was real.

Taking chances. It seems to be theme for me as of late. But more on that in a later posting.

I had dinner with ‘p’ last night. john was home alone, studying for a meeting, and I had ‘p’ meet me at a pub. I had brought with me a BDSM checklist, and I had him do it in front of me. All the fetishes practically known to man, all condensed on a couple pieces of paper.

It was delightful for me. I loved watching him as he filled out the answers. I could see the blushing in his face. I could see his eyes widen, and the pencil bounce in his fingers. I played with my phone in an effort to give him some privacy and not be staring at him too much. But I couldn’t help watch the adorable squirming on the other side of the table.

I don’t know how things will pan out. I really do want a service submissive to be a part of the dynamic we have. Occasionally, I want to be wined and dined. Pampered. It’s that simple. I don’t, and won’t, apologize for it. I want a variety of experiences. I want a range of opportunities. It is mostly fun and games in an adult world. But there will be times when it is more than that, and even less.

So, that’s the update in ISO.

There is more brewing in our kinky world. I have not written about it yet, but I will. There are some deeper, darker, sexier, raunchier things in the works, and I am looking forward to them. I feel in some ways like I am playing the part of artist. I have a bunch of things piled in front of me, all different mediums and textures, colors and shapes. I can assemble them in a thousand different ways. I have not figured out yet how it will look. Maybe the pieces will assemble themselves and they’ll create their own life force and beauty. Maybe I will be the maker of shapes. I don’t have any idea yet. But it feels exciting. That much I know is true.

Until tomorrow…..

T time indeed.


John was correct in his post yesterday; it was lovely indeed to have ‘t’ over to our place, visiting us where we live for the first time. t seemed comfortable, so very soon after his arrival, and after john got home and changed into his naked, collared self, t was instructed to join john in that nakedness.  Two naked submissive men, working together to cook our meal. How lovely.

I really, really enjoyed being home, having this night unfold the way it did. Our place has an open concept so that the sitting area and kitchen area all flow together. I was sitting at the long table, doing some writing, and was able to look up and see john and t in the kitchen, working as they were. Two naked, male forms. They chatted easily, occasionally brushing so closely to one another, I wondered if their bodies touched. They do not have permission to touch one another in any intentional way without my directive. Working in close proximity, sure…it happens, but that is not what I am talking about. I have yet to determine what might happen between the two of them. I am more interested in seeing how it all fits together. Chemistry is nearly everything for me. I am observing that first and foremost. The rest is to be determined.

I very much enjoyed that t brought wine, things to contribute for dinner, etc. That is part of the fitting in. He will be trained in what I like. john will help with this. I’m not hard to figure out. I just have my ways, and I am particular about them. That’s all. :-)

Yes, the spanking. How absolutely lovely to administer a spanking to a spanking virgin. I did not know he had never been spanked before. This is all new to t. I love his enthusiasm, his interest and open curiosity. The spanking helped us round a corner. I have a streak of sadism within me that I have to keep in check, not wanting to overwhelm someone new. When I see someone wiggling and groaning, it makes me want to do more, evoke more. I like it! t did some of that wiggling and groaning, but overall, he was very well behaved. And I was too. He should thank me for that, I think. :-)

I like t. I like the possibilities. I like that he is open and happy to experience what we have to offer. He seems to be here for the service and for the fun of that service. It makes introducing him to it all the more fun.

On another note, it was strange to not blog for the days I was not blogging. I missed it. I’m glad to be back. More to come.



Two dates in 2 days.

16470696989_a45113a33f_zAnother winner. I have had two dates in two days as a result of my Craigslist ad, and they were both terrific. I am lucky, happy, blessed, even. I have not had to deal with anything uncomfortable or unfortunate. I hate having to say to someone, “Thanks, but no thanks”. Rejection is terribly hard. I don’t like having to administer it, and I don’t like receiving it, either.

But very happily, I don’t have to talk about that in this post. I tried to be very selective in who I decided to meet. I do not want to take on more than I can chew, more than what is fair.

What did I almost love most about meeting these two submissives?? They were so very different from one another. I don’t even feel there is a competition (and I never wanted it to feel that way, to be structured that way). They are in different places developmentally (meaning, in their D/s development). One is more open, more ready, more confident, more eager and fun. That person is date number one. I loved his energy. He appears to me to be “turn key ready”. I love that and am totally turned on by it.

Date number 2 is a wee bit more tentative. More inquisitive. Has a bit of a “deer in the headlights” look about him. I will admit that this delighted me. I could see his nervousness, and he admitted a few times from across the table that he was terrified. I got a thrill from this, in a very compassionate way, of course. Isn’t it the sexiest feeling of all to be aroused and nervous at the same time???

His terror reminds me of my own, once upon a time. I will write about that another day, absolutely not now. But it resonates with me. He inspires me to want to show him a bit of what this is all about, and do it the right way.

I have thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed my two experiences. I can’t say that enough.

But this comes with some challenges too. I am writing publicly about two human beings, with two different personality types. They have feelings, hearts, desires, tender places like we all do. I know they read this blog. Talk about feeling naked!!! I feel naked knowing that I am writing and they are probably reading. But I promised from the minute I became kinky that I would always be honest. I was not honest once, one time, to one person, and I have lived with that regret since then. I will write about that too some day. Not now, but some day soon.

So, I am going to write about this experience, and I am going to be honest…no matter who might be reading.

Date number 2 has me inspired to teach. I want to be a good teacher to him. I want to get things from him, yes. Totally. I am not entirely sure that he grasps what I want for service. I worry a bit because he seems to work really hard in his vanilla world. A hard job, where he labors a lot. I struggle with some guilt in situations like that. I find it hard to say, “Hi. Welcome to my dungeon. I am very glad you are here for the day. We are going to work and play and work. You have chores to do today. I want the bathroom cleaned, the mudroom organized, the car washed. You will do those things, and I will make it fun, and we will play but you will do those things because you are my submissive, and that is what I want of you right now”.

Why do I find it hard? Well, because the nice part of me knows that this guy (date number 2) works physically hard and I am a bit uneasy saying, “Hi, welcome to your weekend. Come work some more”. BUT….BUT, BUT, BUT….I also placed this ad with very clear expectations that work is a part of what we do. I work hard, and I want a fully compliant, submissive pet to work along side of me. And, many times, harder than I do. So, if someone does not want this, then they can tell me that they are not the submissive I am looking for, and all would be fine. I would very much appreciate their honesty.

So, there is that. I do not have these feelings with date number one. I pretty much want to work him right away. He seems up for the adventure and joy of learning about one another, and I am chomping a bit to get it started. I smile when I think about it. I think john will like him. I really do. I am most hopeful that they have good energy for one another. With date number 2, I need to get him to get Me first, and then I can work on seeing what sparks might fly between he and john. Good sparks, that is.

And hey….I am not at all discounting that I might just decide to have date number two as my own private toy/minion. Maybe I’ll want that. It will unfold as it is meant to be….I feel certain of this.

AND….I am not at all discounting the fact at all that I just had two dates, where we did a “meet and greet”. They could absolutely send me an email and say, “It was nice to meet you, but I’m not into you that much. Good luck”. I 100% know that I could be rejected. It hasn’t happened yet, and I hope it doesn’t, but I realize that it might. And if it does, back to the drawing board I go. :-)

I have to be mindful of my compassionate side. It can get in my way sometimes. I am determined with this search to be a bit less of the nice person I usually am and more of the loving bitch I really want to be. I placed an ad, yes, because I want a plaything for john, but I also want to better spread some of my own dominant wings. I want to improve. Get better.  Get sexier. And I need actual people to do that. I need the opportunity to put fantasy to life. I will not get it right all the time and I both need and want good people who can help shape me and guide me. Any submissive I have is not going to be a doormat. If I want a door mat, I’ll go buy a  doormat. They will shape me as I shape them. That is what this is about to me. Or, a big part of it, anyway.

So, that’s the update. For now.

John’s post for today is very interesting. I don’t know if he published it or not, but he asked me to read it, and I did. It’s hot. It kind of messes with my head a bit, in the most delicious of ways, of course. Maybe this is one of those rare, rare times when we are both feeling dominant. Two rams, locking horns, vying for top dog, grinning at one another from ear to ear as we secure our footing and jockey for position.

I will win.

I will absolutely win. He wears a collar every single day. I do not.

I will win because I will order him to lose.

This is the coolest thing ever!!!!!



The Lady and the tramp

I am wondering if it was confusing to read about the additional play partners my boy has had when we really have not mentioned much about that part of our relationship in the past.

We have alluded to it, referred to it briefly here and there, peppering our entries with mention of lovers much like the spicy and sweet essences that can take you by surprise when you’re not expecting them.

Yes, we are in an open relationship, and have been saying as much for nearly 10 years. But ‘open’ means different things to different couples. In no way is my boy allowed to go out and fuck anyone he wants.

I can, but he cannot.

Well, pretty much that’s de rigueur .

The biggest rule? Neither of us stick our dicks in crazy.

Or in my case, my strap on.

The other rule, equally as big? I am the number one girl in his life. Period.

If I don’t approve of the person john wants to be with, then he can pretty much assume he is not going to be with them. There are a few slight exceptions to this, and those exceptions all pretty much take place when we are at our kinky camp. If my boy wants to go top someone at camp that I don’t know, I am generally fine with that. His toppy side has far, far more exemptions to the confines of our relationship than his submissive side will ever know.

Sometimes I order him to top another person because I get wind of the fact that they want him to top them. Sometimes my boy has been asked to help assist in the take-down, kidnapping and violation of a consenting camper, and he goes off to fulfill these duties quite happily. During those instances, I feel like a doting housewife, seeing her man off for a day of hard work. But instead of handing him his briefcase and a cup of coffee as I send him out the door with a peck on the cheek and wishes for a good day, I instead hand him his whip, a set of cuffs, I send him out the door with a caress on the ass and wishes for a safe and happy fucking.

And, finally, sometimes my boy simply has his eye on someone he wants to be with. I am more curious about those folks, and it’s fair to say that I have to be mindful about spikes of jealously that can poke at me when I don’t want them to.

This is the stuff that takes a long time to figure out. At least, for us it does. My feelings change, sometimes seasonally. If I am feeling a lack of confidence in my own world, then his leash is going to be shorter. If I am feeling strong and centered, then I am apt to give him a much broader range of motion. Is that always fair? I don’t know; maybe not. But I am honest about it, and for us, that is sometimes the way it goes.

My boy has one particular woman that he has an intimate relationship with.  I am not sure they have an established set of pronouns they use with one another on any sort of consistent basis. They are many important things to one another, but how they refer to one another, and when, I’m not actually sure.

I do know that all three of us agree that they have something significant and meaningful between them. They are play partners, lovers, friends, intellectual counterparts.

If she were an artist, he would be her muse.

They are Lady and boy. Or, because my boy tends to be a bit of a kid in a candy store when we’re at camp, they are The Lady and the tramp. I smile.

As is my mostly inflexible rule with this blog, I don’t name names, I don’t name places unless I need to. I have decided to leave this explanation as it is. I like this Lady very much. I have grown because of her, and I’d like to think, I’ve grown with her. We have had moments we have needed to figure out, but we have succeeded in those moments, and we are better for them.

My boy has others he flirts with. My feelings are that that he was this way when I met him, so why try and teach an old dog new tricks?  He knows my rules. He knows my expectations. He is allowed to be flirty and fun, but he knows never to betray my trust and confidences. We don’t betray these things in one another. Yes, I am the boss, I am the Domme, but we are also partners. Primary ones. Good ones. Fun ones.

And sometimes trampy ones too.



Catching up and Inspecting

Sometimes I find out more about what my boy has been up to by reading this blog than by talking with him. I smile broadly as I write this, knowing that john is not a huge talker, but oh, how he loves to write about details sometimes!!!

I am back from my trip, and I am glad to read all he has posted in my absence. I was quite surprised to learn about his medical issue, and all that transpired and lead to the removal of his cock cage that I ordered to be in place. I know it must have been substantial if it caused him to break through a lock. And it was.

I am glad he is ok. I think we have learned from this. Learned more about our bodies and how some of the play we do impacts us.

I have not yet inspected the chores he was ordered to complete. I got home at about 10:30pm last night, and didn’t do anything other than to fall into bed after 13 hours of travel.

I agree with john; we need to talk about how we refer to others in this blog. In general, I don’t like to name names of other people or places, as identifying those things has little to do with the purpose of writing. I spent a good deal of time texting with the woman he was going to go see last night, as I was just getting caught up on the medical stuff that prevented him from seeing her.  I am disappointed for both of them that their date could not take place. I enjoy placing john in this woman’s very capable hands, and I want to write about this part of our relationship and our occasional group dynamics.  I will do that. Just not today. Today, I need to get caught up, I need to get in the shower and get the salty gulf waters out of my hair (oh, how I don’t want to!). I need to head into the office and then I need to come home and spent time with my boy, making sure he is healing.

I also need to thoroughly inspect the chore list I left for him while I was away. He knows that certain pieces of furniture are his responsibility to be kept dust free (or relatively so). One quick look around tells me that he might be slacking in this department, but other than that, I am feeling pleased at all he accomplished.4383468427_298da33807_z

I also need to start meeting the few I want to meet from my “ISO” post. I very select few have piqued my curiosity, and now its about setting up coffee/beer dates. Will I like them? Will they like me?? Will they want to be a part of our world to varying degrees? Will they be willing to serve and play as I seek?? We shall see. The hunt continues. Stay tuned.


Pressure builds

She’s been gone since Friday and I’ve been locked since then. I haven’t ejaculated since September 23rd, though I’ve had orgasms since then. But orgasms without ejaculation do nothing to stem the tide of arousal. They’re great, feel wonderful and are oh so amazing, but damn it, I’m still horny after one.

Pressure builds

Pressure builds

And now, at home, alone, no Mistress, no key, already horny. I decide I’ll do more chores. First, outside, I rake the leaves, dressed in only my slave pants and a t-shirt. Then I come inside and clean the tub, naked and plugged. Like I cleaned up the mudroom yesterday, also plugged. And with the roommate gone, I’m wandering around naked doing other chores too. Because, well, I can be naked!

And here I am, having been plugged and horny and wet in the shower. I was shown earlier today a picture of another woman wearing the key to my chastity device around her neck, dangling between her breasts. My Mistress has the other key, in Central America or on some cruise ship miles at sea, I last saw THAT one around HER neck. I’m set to be loaned out for the pleasure and amusement of the other woman Thursday, as she is traveling nearby and we have a relationship of friendship and play. And one of previous service, where I was sold to her for a weekend at the mere price of 30 pieces of silver. My Mistress left one real order for that encounter – don’t let him cum. But other than that, outside our normally negotiated limits, there are none. And I have the strong feeling I’ll be put to service – hard service – teased and then locked right back up and sent back to my Mistress. If I even get unlocked.

It’s all almost exactly what I want in my world of sexual service. And I’m horny beyond all thinking about all of it. I so desperately want out of the cage. I so want to cum. I want to spew. I want cum dripping off the fucking ceiling. I am ready to blow, so completely, so hard, so violently. And. I. Know. I. Can’t! It’s not going to be possible. I am pathetically horny.

But that’s okay, what do I do? I share text messages with another potential partner who wants to play and I talk about plunging my cock into her. Because I’m not horny enough yet. I might just be my own worst enemy. And I might be my worst torturer. Damn it.

The dirty dog in the basement

As I was assigned by Mistress, I’ve been working on my chores. Last night, I spent about an hour in the basement cleaning it up. It’s true. She had spent some time with my help making our laundry area much neater and useful and someone came in, took out the old boiler (cast iron!) and the old oil tank and left us one heck of a mess. I suppose with “free” you get what you pay for (although, we don’t own this, so we didn’t really have the option to pay). The fortunate part of the event is that our roommate left for the evening with only a vague hope of returning, as she is very good about sober driving. She even borrowed my thermarest and wool blanket in case she needed to crash in her car. So, I had the house to myself.

I descended into the basement, collar on, bandana for a dust mask, wearing flip flops and leaving some clothes on the basement stairs “just in case” somebody showed up. Oh, well, of course, I was wearing my chastity cage too. That’s a natural thing while she is away. And, true to her orders, I was wearing a plug in my bottom. I’m pretty sure it’s an older version of the Tantus Ryder plug, but, since ours is orange and the base is slightly more flared, I’m not 100% sure. It’s a rather comfortable plug to wear, overall.

I worked down there for about an hour, sweeping, moving, sorting, sliding things around and, in general, making the basement which stores things that are not ours, a much more workable and clean space. Lighting has been restored to where it was before the furnace was removed, a bag of trash, dust, ash, soot, etc was moved up to the mudroom for placement in the trashcan out front and the space is much better. And yes, I thought of previous posts as I was squatting on the basement floor to sweep up into the dustpan the trash and dirt.

And then I came upstairs, removing my flip flops on the way. And there was a stripe showing the clean versus the dirty. My hands were filthy. I was, in fact, a mess.

Dirty Hand

Dirty Hand

I left a fan running downstairs to suck out all the dust in the air down there. Fortunately, it’s a little warmer this November than in the past.

I showered, not having to take off all that many clothes. Naked work is such happy work! :) The water in the bottom of the tub was filthy. There was no part of me that was not covered in dirt, dust, filth. I washed thoroughly. The water was so dirty that I held the plug in my ass longer, just so I didn’t end up dropping it in the filthy water at the bottom of the tub! Finally, removing the plug and washing my ass, I got that little tickle in my nose telling me “Oh, yeah, hot steamy shower makes the nose flow… great ” SNORK!!! Dear mother of flying spaghetti monster, but that foul black snot that exited my nose… jeezum! I haven’t had filthy snot like that since I worked Renaissance Fairs! Okay, finally clean and rinsed, I was out of the shower, dried and back into the rest of the house where I now sit nearly naked, save my wrist collar, my chastity device and a pillow supporting this laptop on my lap as I write. It’s a nice little preview of how things will be once the last roommate heads off to the islands.

And I get to mark at least one item off of Mistress’ list!