Wheee, Christmas time, sort of

So, we’ve all been so busy with Christmas preparation and all, but today it looks like I’m actually off from work for Christmas Eve (hoping that cow-orkers don’t make errors that call me in… ) and home puttering and dealing while Madame is off at HER job, wrapping up her week.

This morning Madame was very generous in her using me as I woke from my slumber, but there was a slight problem. See, I got a little too excited and on one of her slight downstrokes, I was pushed clean over the edge and soon found my cock pulsing, spilling, deep inside her. And this was completely unplanned. My submissive person, pup, still feels horrible about it. Madame is still pissed off and rightfully so. My face is still sore from her smacking me, deservedly so.

Our more personal selves, our Chloe and John, are okay with each other, but John still is upset. It’s a frustration that when I haven’t come in some time, I’ll spill like that, not on purpose, but accidental, and I get frustrated with it. I won’t let it get the best of me, however, and will go through the week end with as much joy as I can. But having that edge taken off is… well… frustrating. Nonetheless, Chloe and I will have a wonderful Christmas together.

According to Chloe, a big beautiful orgasm was going to be my Christmas present in the morning, but I’m unsure where she will go with that now, given that the wrapping paper has all been pulled off that gift.