Let loose the dogs of love

Perhaps it was the joyful wonder brought about by the coming blood moon and the total eclipse, but far be it from me to judge harshly the decision of one’s Mistress to not only excuse one spill during naptime sex, but further encourage another during “post non-apocalyptic, orange moon, eclipse still receding while Pink Floyd played on” spillage.

monumental super moon

Super Moon Eclipse and our greatest phallic symbol in the country

Or maybe, just maybe, Mistress had an inside line on the news to be announced this morning that mars has flowing water! Salty flowing water. Well, perhaps letting the fluids flow was in her mind.

Either way, as she also took her own pleasure, I’m a happy dog and pleased that we were able to share in such ways. I’m sure the rules will be clamped down on soon, but sometimes where there is one spill, there are often others, as this dog gains a hair trigger after not much denial by her loveliness.