We have the tools and we have the talent…

I have a few more years than Chloe actively in the kink scene.  I’ve been going to events since somewhere around 1998. It started with munches, then parties, then the Fetish Fair Flea. Chloe and I have been together some 10 years now, which is almost, but not totally, the sum of her experience in kink. I’m not trying to brag, not trying to say “I’ve been doing this longer” – because I’ve long been a proponent of the concept of “I don’t give a damn how many years you have in the scene, what are you DOING and HOW are you doing it?” I consider the use of one’s time a greater benchmark than their total time being involved.

But the time I’ve spent in D/s in particular and BDSM in general is greater. And my reading about it has been more extensive as well. I have a job where I can get away with reading articles and information about our lifestyle. That reading, along with classes I’ve taken over the decades, have provided me with a wider base of education on BDSM.

I’m very happy when I can be reading and come across a story or article that I think would help the both of us in our relationship. I think Madame sometimes misses having tools that make it easier to be her domme-ly self. I know that being on top takes energy. And with Chloe being pulled in different directions these days, I act as a bit of a filter for her, finding good stories and articles and passing them on for her to read later.

Every person needs the proper tools for the job

Every person needs the proper tools for the job

Earlier this week I was reading an entry from Mrs. Lion, of Male Chastity Journal, wherein she was making a list of assignments, attributing points and giving Mr. Lion a goal to reach. Chloe has read it and likes this idea, kind of a way of scheduling the things she wants done but giving me enough rope to either hang myself or save myself. I have a feeling we’ll start using this kind of tool in the future. And it’s a good way for her to be able to introduce some fun into our regular household with a kinky touch. She might even post this list for the roommates to see, with the points listed. The roommates know we’re kinky but we never do anything overt in front of them. This would be the most overt thing we’ve done before them. It’s good to find such tools and I’m happy to share them with Chloe. I look forward to seeing if we’re going to use this and what kind of progress it can put forth into our FLR.

Bonus points to those who get the movie reference post title WITHOUT the use of google…