Post from Troy (part II)

It’s late fall 2015 and as we continue getting to know each other, the holidays creep into our lives.  This can be tricky for anyone in a triad as life seems to involve more time with vanilla family and friends, making a triad sometimes awkward and difficult to explain to some people.  I find we have to leave one of us out in situations where our lifestyle is simply not appropriate for public knowledge.  Think company Christmas parties for example….”Hi this is my girlfriend Chloe and my boyfriend John” WOW that would have the water cooler gossip folks talking! We made do, however.  We gave each other significant space for our individual family and work obligations and included one another when appropriate.  We certainly enjoyed some quality Fmm CFNM frolicking times in private together (Grins)!

One holiday gathering that was particularly memorable was a ladies only gift wrapping party at their house (Remember, I live less than 2 miles away but we do not cohabitate).  john and I were in complete service mode – although very discreetly.  We wore our collars on our ankles, covered by our pants…john in slave (Thai fishing) pants, me in jeans (because at this time I had yet been provided with slave pants from Ms. Chloe). There was no obvious outward display of our submissive roles outside of the very attentive service we provided to her and her guests. I was introduced to many of Ms. Chloe’s girlfriends that evening and even some family members.  I didn’t learn till after the party was over that several attendees knew of our exact situation and my role in our newly formed relationship. This was quite exciting actually and made me giggle a bit.  You see, I can be a bit bratty sometimes and often giggle in uncomfortable yet exciting scenarios like this… this bratty behavior has resulted in a deserved spanking or two by Ms. Chloe; this was  a giggle moment, but I digress.  john and I set up wrapping tables, handed out tape, paper and ribbons, kept wine glasses topped off, served snacks and made ourselves useful to the very lovely ladies in attendance (6 total as I recall).  This was one of the first times that John and I worked as a service team together to please Ms. Chloe.  Sure, there were stumbles on my part.  This is a new space, someone else’s kitchen, lots of Ms. Chloe’s preferences to still learn about and all new people to figure out.  But it was very fun and we continued to learn more about each other. I continued being mentored by john on how Ms. Chloe likes things done… from the way her cocktails are made to the way her towels are to be folded.  She likes things done VERY PROPERLY and has very high standards and I needed to learn exactly how to meet these service related expectations if I was to last.  That evening I was also told by Ms. Chloe that I was to have a full STD screening if I was to ever to play sexually with them (or their friends) as not only knowing one’s STD status is irresponsible and remaining disease free is very important to our triad… Pressure!

It was also around this time that I was made aware of “Kinky Camp”  and asked by Ms. Chloe if I would be available to attend it with them in June.  What, you ask, is this place?  It was described to me as a clothing optional, lifestyle tolerant summer camp experience filled with old friends, fellow kinksters, and the opportunity to explore many new sexual experiences.  Ms. Chloe and john have attended this event for years as a couple and are well known there.  If I was to attend as their toy, I would have to be on my best behavior as not to in any way embarrass Ms. Chloe. We would share a cabin with many others and share one king size bed with john and I sleeping naked on each side of Ms. Chloe for three spectacular nights. Perfect!  I eagerly agreed to attend.  This event being 6 months away and our unique relationship being brand new, although we were all certainly optimistic that this trip together would come to fruition, we all had realistic reservations that me joining them may never actually materialize.  Also, the secret location of this camp is a 10 hour drive from home in Portland, Maine so there would be those logistics to overcome. Lots of fun continued through the cold Maine winter which I will write about in future posts, but fast forward 6 months… It was camp time and i was going!  Ms. Chloe and john took the week off from work and drove to the event where they actually helped set it up.  I was only able to wrangle a Friday-Monday escape, so I flew in and ubered there joining them 4 days into their kinky adventure.  I arrived at Camp in full swing (pun intended), I was wide eyed, open minded and collared as owned, but had no idea what to actually expect.   Let’s just say that the next four days was full of thrills, titillation and unforgettable new experiences.

Post from troy…

Hello blog readers, this is Toy Troy, Ms. Chloe’s secondary toy, plaything and sub in training. I also consider myself to be in some sort of a unique relationship with her primary sub, John. I don’t know what label to adhere to this part of our triad, but I will say that it’s mutually respectful, evolving, caring, certainly not filled with jealousy in any way and is generally very good. The triad we have works for me… I hope it works for both of them. I read, but have not ever contributed to this blog before. Ms. Chloe has instructed me to contribute and share my story, our story, and my experiences venturing into this wild kinky world with you. My writing style differs from both Chloe and John. I admire their art of the pen and am admittedly a bit intimidated by their writing prowess. I will contribute on occasion, organized in a timeline by what I hope will provide insight and answers to common questions about me and our relationships for any and all inquiring minds.
Desk writing
A bit about me
I am a 47 year old divorced dad living in Southern Maine. I am type “A” person with a professional career where I am very much in control and in charge of many people and large budgets. I go to work every day, own where I live, pay my bills on time, pay my taxes, invest in my 401K and usually stop at red lights and adhere to all of the social norms society demands. Some may say for the most part that I am fairly boring. I am currently regaining the fit body of my younger years by eating a strict Paleo diet and working out religiously, low impact, 6 days/9 hours a week. Abs by 50? Perhaps.
How the three of us met
I would like to say we met at a museum, doing some significant volunteer work, walking a cute puppy, etc. Truth is, we met on Craigslist last fall. I answered Ms. Chloe’s ad seeking an additional sub male to join her and her primary submissive, john. It was a long shot and I held little to no expectations that anything would ultimately materialize, but I sent my best reply and waited. What I now know to be a common occurrence, Ms. Chloe was just about to venture off to another state for a fun filled weekend, but she wrote back promising to catch up with me when she returned. She did! We easily wrote to one another over a week or so. We gained a bit of trust and shared the early personal stuff necessary to vet each others levels of honesty and sanity. There was good conversation, good banter, similar expectations and we discovered that we live and work ridiculously close to each other. About a week or two later, I requested the obligatory yet always stressful picture exchange. She agreed and sent a picture of her beautiful self. ZERO disappointments; this was exciting!
She wanted to have lunch, I eagerly agreed. She chose a convenient “corporate” chain type of place for it’s location over it’s ambiance or food quality. I again agreed. We met, we ate, we laughed, we hugged and I giggled at her probing questions about sex, sexuality, kink and my secret desires. I think the waitress caught a bit of our conversation, I blushed, this was fun! She was as beautiful as her picture and her personality and take charge aura and sexual openness were qualities I found to be simply intoxicating. We talked about my kinky experiences. I shared that they were almost nonexistent. I am bi, that part was important to her as a loving triad with she and John was her ultimate goal. I certainly am no prude, but was just out of a monogamous, 10 year long, very vanilla marriage. I had never been submissive, certainly had never been spanked, paddled, collared  or flogged! Was I ready for all of this? She instructed that the next date would include John. I smiled.
The second date
Ms. Chloe instructed that we would all be doing dinner at a local upscale bistro, the chance for the two boys to finally meet. He and I had never spoken or communicated in any way prior to this. She instructed both of us to dress nicely for her, shirt & tie required. Both of us were also instructed to give thought to and write down 5 questions in advance for one another to further gauge our interest and compatibility. Naturally we complied. Dinner was very nice, conversation flowed easily and the night was laughter and intrigue filled. Cocktails were enjoyed helping to alleviate any awkwardness as John and I grilled each other with questions about sex, experiences, desires and everything else we are taught never to talk about, society be damned. We quickly discovered that we were indeed all compatible, and all physically attracted to one another. John generously paid the bill and the night was concluded with hugs and cheek kisses all around.
Coming up next
The next few months, the holiday parties, meeting Ms. Chloe’s  girlfriends, more thoughts of being in my first ever triad, and our first vacation together and sharing one big bed at kinky camp!!!


Soft, what gasp through yonder window breaks…

It is the Mistress… waking early. Rising slowly. Realizing she cannot return to slumber. And her hand is upon her mons, rubbing, then upon her clit, focused. Slave, roused, is exhorted to lick a nipple. Then to tug on one. Then both.

She picks up her pace. Quickened, she breaths deeply. Her legs rise, the slave assumes the most comfortable sex position in the world. She moans. He gently and slowly fills her, she rubs. A big, slow, gradual orgasm awaits Mistress as she walks down this sleepy path. She finally comes out from the wood into a field of sunshine, she smiles, gasps, runs wonderfully through the field and enjoys the orgasm that brings her here.

The slave, having been used is pushed aside as she rises for the day. He sleeps, scattered on the bed like one of the pillows or sheets, perhaps like a woman might toss aside a favorite vibrator. He lays there as she putters in the morning.


I feel so soft and squishy and so beautifully used. I’ve not felt more slave-like in some time and while it makes me quiet, I hope it stays with me for some time, in the background, washing over me. I have been well used as her toy, her slave and not word one or concern one was made of me having orgasm. It was all her, all the time, and she stopped when she was done. If I could talk about perfect sex, it would (some of the time) be like this.

Awake now, I have to drive hours from her, then back again, but it was a beautiful ride, nonetheless. I am so filled with love and service and joy in my heart right now. I feel like I’m glowing from the joy that’s within me.